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Livres des Artistes et bibles du genre..

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Si vous aimez la Fantasy, la SF ou encore le domaine de l'illustration.. faites-vous un bibliothèque de rêve..
Je vais essayer de vous présenter des livres que j'ai vu et/ou lu.
Peut-être ne les connaissez-vous pas ?... Avis aux amateurs ! 

Vous pouvez acheter ces livres via les magasins spécialisés ou certains sites de VPC en cliquant sur les logos ci-dessous :

 La fnac pour les livres en langue française mais aussi étrangère, et surtout amazon  qui regroupe beaucoup de livres (que vous ne trouverez pas en France) avec une consultation, pour certains, de plusieurs pages afin de se rendre compte.
A noter également qu'il est bon d'aller souvent y faire un tour car ils proposent souvent de multiples offres très souvent renouvellées.

SPECTRUM, The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art
Arnie Fenner (Editor), Cathy Fenner (Editor)

 2000 - 144 pages
2 pages consultables sur amazon

 2001 - 160 pages
sur amazon 

2001 - 160 pages
sur amazon 

"This seventh annual collection of the best contemporary fantasy, science fiction, and horor art is a treasure trove of imaginative work by many of the world's most renowned creators.
Chosen by a respected jury of artists, designers, and art direction, Spectrum 7 features over 300 full color paintings, drawings, and sculputres by an electrifying range of artists including Dave McKean, Anita Kunz, Hon J Muth, Michael Whelan, John Jude Palencar, Donato Giancola, Rick Berry, Syd Mead, and more than 200 more superb talents. Also included is an insightful, sometimes controversial look back at the previous year's highlights and events as well as Spectrum's recognition of British watercolorist Alan Lee with the sixth Grand Master Award."

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy and Science Fiction Art Techniques
John Grant, Ron Tiner

"The most important tool in creating fantasy and science fiction art is your imagination - but polishing your work requieres technical know-how. This comprehensive guide will help you give your ideas dynamic form..."

1996 - 176 pages - 18 pages consultables sur amazon

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell

On peut maintenant trouver plusieurs livres sur ces deux artistes mondialement connus,
en voici quelques uns...

Sketchbook : The Other Artwork of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell
2001 - 160 pages
2 pages consultables sur amazon

With their Fall 2000 release Titans still catching attention from comic lovers and critics everywhere, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell give us the eagerly awaited Sketchbook. The masters of fantasy art reveal the creative process behind their finished masterpieces. The sketches, in a variety of different media, provides us with insight into the artistic imagination of Boris and Julie--some were produced for pure pleasure and experiment, others as preliminary ideas for commissioned work. They are stunning works of art in their own right, and an invaluable addition to the collector's portfolio. Over 150 sketches previously unpublished and finished paintings reveal the creative process at work.

Dreams : The Art of Boris Vallejo
128 pages
10 pages consultables sur amazon

This lavish portfolio by best-selling fantasy artist Boris Vallejo, published for the first time in book form in the Fall of 1999, now comes to us in trade paper. Vallejo's style is infinitely flexible and his choice of subjects encompasses scenes from Greek mythology, prehistoric creatures and serene ocean life. Stunning winged women, muscled men fighting ferocious beasts and strange alien worlds are among the many fantastic visions Vallejo creates for us. This collection includes a selection of Vallejo's private work - sensuous full-color paintings that bring exotic women, sinewy men, and dream worlds to life. All told it includes over 120 full-color paintings, never before shown together. Renowned fantasy author Nigel Suckling offers insight into Vallejo's art with fascinating and informative extended captions.

2001 - 105 pages
Boris Vallejo, Nigel Suckling, Doris Vallejo
2 pages consultables sur amazon

First published in 1997, Mirage took the fantasy world on a whirlwind tour, introducing us to paintings so bold, so provocative and superb that it became a major success. This astounding volume showcases alluring paintings of sensuous women and strong men, set against mythical, otherworldly backgrounds, and contains over 40 color and black and white illustrations, as well as 8 full pages of new, never before seen or published art work.

Ladies : Retold Tales of Goddesses and Heroines
Doris Vallejo, Boris Vallejo
1999 -
192 pages
7 pages consultables sur amazon 

In Ladies' ten signature paintings and numerous drawings, Boris Vallejo depicts the magic time when goddesses roamed the earth; they are the perfect accompaniment to Doris Vallejo's poetic and chilling retelling of ten classic tales.
This is myth transfigured by a modern sensibility: retelling mythic tales from the points of view of the goddesses, heroines, sorceresses, princesses, wives, and daughters. Readers see Persephone, condemned by a god's adoration to live six months of each year in the kingdom of death; the Gorgon, a great beauty transformed into monstrosity by her own longing to be loved; Apollo's mortal bride, Coronis, left behind each time her godly husband returned to the heavens; and Pandora, who discovered knowledge no mortal was meant to have and paid the price.

Hindsight : Boris Vallejo, His Photographic Art
2000 -
128 pages

Boris Vallejo decided to create this photographic paean to the female derriere partly as a tribute and partly as a challenge: "After all, I asked myself, how many ways can you present one body part?" Hindsight, now in paperback, answers that question. In 100 color and black-and-white images, Vallejo renders the object of his (admitted) obsession with elegance and eroticism. In Hindsight, Vallejo returns to the heart of his inspiration - his love for the human body. He brings to this work the same classic composition and eye for the artistic potential of the body that enliven his paintings. His many fans, as well as photography and erotic art lovers of every kind, will find his exploration of a subject rarely touched upon a refreshing departure from other photography books.


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